Saturday, August 28, 2010

How to Keep a Toddler Content While Shopping

There's nothing a mother looks forward to, like an extended shopping expedition with a toddler in the stroller. It has to be one of the most frustrating experiences for both parent and child.

One tip, is not to start out unless the child has had a nap. The more tired they are, the more likely they are to fuss, and fight falling asleep in the stroller. But of course, time and obligations don't always allow for that option.

How you amuse the child while out, depends on their age. But one good tip is similar to how you cope with them during visits to the grandparents, or when you have company. That is, keep special toys or distractions of some type, which are only used for shopping trips.

Find something that really fascinates your child, whether it is puzzles, action figures, or a specially made stroller "entertainment center", which resemble the crib centers with multiple activities.

Because their attention span is so short at this age, it's like offering them something new and exciting each time. And as they gradually come to remember how much fun it was, they'll look forward to seeing the toys on your next trip.

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Written by: Jackie G. Maxwell

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