Thursday, February 23, 2012

Improving Your Vision - A New Way of Learning

The worst thing we can do to our eyes is strain them. Too much mental strain and focus can actually harm our eyesight and cause the eyes permanent damage. Bad habits start from childhood, especially once school starts. These bad habits carry over into adulthood and cause damage to the eyes. Most of eye problems and ailments are simply caused by the bad habits learned in our youth.
Children have a natural curiosity to learn new things. Ask any kindergartener or first grader if they are excited for school and they will almost always say yes with genuine enthusiasm. Ask the same question of a junior high or high school student and they will moan at the thought of going back to school for another year. 

Why the huge difference between the two? School is too disciplined and children are forced to spend hours each day learning and memorizing things that don’t interest them. Any subject that is uninteresting causes more concentration and the eyes to strain through. Not every person enjoys the same subjects, yet all children are forced to memorize and learn things in an uninteresting way.

The eyes strain when forced to concentrate on images that don’t interest us. Like numbers on an analytical report for work isn’t going to interest all the employees, mathematics, science, and English won’t interest every student. This doesn’t mean that have a well-rounded education should be thrown out the window. It simply means there needs to be a change in how children are educated.

The Bates Method was discovered by Dr. William Bates, a famous eye doctor. In his method, Dr. Bates put together a large, poster-sized card covered in common shapes and letters familiar to most school age children. The card was hung at the front on the classroom and offered the students something to look at when they were feeling tired or overwhelmed. The purpose of the card was to give the children a chance to relax their eyes. Looking at new material puts strain on the eyes, but familiar objects allow the eyes to relax.

Teaching children not to strain their eyes from a young age will help keep their vision sharp for years to follow.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Learn to Manage Stress for Better Vision

The biggest cause of eye problems is stress; whether internal or external. The eyes are full of small muscles that help move them around and lengthen or shorted the lenses. A life full of stress and strain on the eyes can cause some serious problems later in life. The best way to prevent future eye ailments is to learn to manage stress today.

The concept of managing stress is much easy to say then to do. While some people are pros at stress management; other people can only take a little bit before they start screaming and pulling out their hair. Stress happens each and every day so learning how to best deal with the stress is an important and necessary step.

The first step in managing stress is discovering what it is that is stressing you out. If you have no idea what is causing stress, it is really hard to find solutions to the problems. For almost every problem there is a solution. If you are always late, start setting the clocks ahead 10-15 minutes. If your to do list is overwhelming, cut out the things that are not top priority and deal with them at a later date. If traffic gets you going, take a new route to work that is less crowded. 

Work is almost always the number one stressor in people’s lives. Most people feel overwhelmed with the amount of work they always have, but never ask for help and always take on more. Learn to say no. Saying no isn’t going to get your fired; it tells your boss you are aware of your limits and you have just reached them. It is better to complete five amazing projects, then seven or eight mediocre ones. If the work load is too much, talk to your boss or co-workers and let them know you need help.

Simple relaxation techniques can help reduce the stress in your live. Take deep breaths. Close your eyes for a few moments and allow them to relax. Look around and away from the computer a three or four times an hour. Too much strain or stress on the eyes will only cause vision problems later.

Friday, February 10, 2012

You Can't Separate Your Eyesight From The Rest of Your Self

Your eyes do not exist in isolation.

How clearly you see is influenced by much more than only the muscles in and around the eyes.

In fact, the muscles around your eyes are 200 times stronger than they need to be. It's a myth that your eyes are weak and that you have to make the muscles stronger in order to see better without glasses or contacts.

That's only one of the Vision Myths that can get people off track in their desire to see better. I explode them all in The Program for Better Vision.

Your Eyes Are
an Important Part of Your Body:

25% of the oxygen that you take in with every breath goes directly to your visual system

Nearly 1/3 of your food intake goes to nourish your visual system

90% of what you learn about the world around you comes through your eyes

Your eyesight can be affected by tension and imbalance that exists anywhere in your body. Surprisingly enough, research shows that different patterns of body tension are associated with different eye problems.

With The Program for Better Vision you'll learn which patterns are connected to nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism - and how to release their effects from your vision.

Of course, you'll also learn about the vitamins and minerals that are essential for good vision. I interviewed some of the top eye doctors who specialize in nutrition and vision just so you could benefit from their expertise.

(You'll be surprised what you find out. Remember, you can't separate your eyes from the rest of your body!)

Your eyesight reflects your mind, your attitudes and your perspective.

What happens when you look right at something - the missing scissors or keys, for instance - and fail to see it?

What was going on when you drove to a particular place and then couldn't recall which route you followed, or what you saw along the way?

The eyes may not 'see' at all when the mind is preoccupied.

Even your imagination plays a role in improving your eyesight.

Did you know that when you imagine looking into the distance, with your eyes closed, your eyes actually change focus, as if they are looking into the distance?

The Program for Better Vision shows you how to easily use this connection between your mind and eyes to help your sight improve.

"Blind with rage," "What you don't see won't hurt you," "There's something I don't want to see." For many, these feelings and attitudes are directly related to vision problems.

In a way that you won't find anywhere else, The Program shows you how to easily and naturally release any inner barriers to seeing clearly.

The Program for Better Vision takes you beyond eye exercises alone because it has to. Your eyesight is affected by so much more than just eye muscles.

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