Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How I Stopped My Hair Loss

I have been using Groganics “Head Full Of Hair” topical treatment for a little over three weeks and the results are Excellent. After the first 3 days of use my hair fall stopped considerably and then after a week it stopped completely.
While using the product for just over 3 weeks I have noticed fast new growth at the sides and the crown of my head. The product says "that you will experience fast hair growth and they are certainly not wrong.
I was absolutely amazed because I was having a serious hair loss problem. This product was recommended by my hairdresser and that I should try the hair treatment by Groganics for topical scalp treatment.
The product controls and fights DHT which is the main culprit in hair loss.
BLOCK and freeze DHT and slowly strengthen the follicle, which promotes longer, stronger, thicker and healthier hair for both men and women.
It Protects & nourishes hair
Increases blood flow
Strengthens root
Stimulates Follicles
The product is easy to use. Just part the hair and gently massage/apply the cream daily and comb as usual. If the cream is found to be too greasy, then it should be applied before going to bed and to shampoo the next morning.
I have noticed that areas that wouldn't grow hair for years is now starting to sprout new hairs. I fully recommend that this product be tried and that you will see good results.
As with all products some will see results within a few days or weeks and some after a longer period or no results at all.
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